Glorious Revolution: Parliament Vs. Monarchy Or New Power

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Part 2 Glorious revolution 1648-1815

1. Glorious revolution- parliament vs. monarchy/ New power
The glorious revolution was a revolution that overcame James II he was the king in England at the time after taking this spot the parliament and monarchy had basically been fighting for power now although Mary and William will rise to power.

2. Enlightenment- New thinking
The enlightenment was brought up in the 17th century and would create a new way for everyone to base something with facts instead of religion or in other words science vs religion. The enlightenment would change how people thought for example philosophy will be based on prior knowledge.

3. French Revolution- declaration of rights of man
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The meetings would cause the Napoleonic wars and also the invasion of Russia. The congress would also defeat the almighty Napoleon at his own game and the first decision of the congress was to establish a new balance of power.

5. 30 years war caused the enlightenment
Conflict between catholics and protestants this made German writers want to talk about nationalism and those german writers were the first enlightenment thinkers.

6. Glorious revolution inspired enlightenment thinkers
The glorious revolution involved conflict between monarchs and the parliament and the the conflict influenced new ideas of the government and people started depending less on religion reasoning and relied more on scientific reasoning lead to famous philosophers such as Thomas hobbes and john locke.

7. Louis XIV always going to war France in debt
France was one of the most powerful countries because it had one of the largest populations and a very strong army and king Louis wanted to invade the Spanish Netherlands so he could expand his empire and as frances warfare went up and so did taxation.

8. Bad French economy led to the creation of national
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11. Napoleons march through Europe awoke nationalism

So napoleon created the Napoleonic code which changed changed a bunch of legal systems and the code was an agreement with the church to change taxes and the educational system. Because of this new found freedom from the church and government the rule system has changed.

12. Slavery led to Haitian revolution

The Haitian revolution started because multi racial people had a desire for equality. Multi racial people were basically free but they had less rights and after seeing what the citizens of France did during the revolution the Haitians decided to do the same thing.

13. Enlightenment- Reform

The movement was led by major philosophes that held great reasoning through science that showed new change and reform among Europe. What really helped the reformation of Europe was the print culture and the increased opportunities.

14. Sir issac Newton was a genius he created another system in math called calculus. Calculus is finding the properties of functions and other
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