Glory Enough for All Essay

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Response to Glory Enough For All:

The movie” Glory Enough for All” tells the story of Frederick Banting and his colleague Charles Best as they work tirelessly to discover a cure for Diabetes. I found the movie to be interesting and educational. Overall, it was very informative and showed what hard work and determination can do to improve the quality of life for patients suffering from potentially fatal illnesses. The first thing that I noticed in the film was the sanitary conditions of the laboratories and surgical facilities. Dr. Banting habitually smokes throughout the entire film, yet complains about the unsanitary conditions affecting his work. Knowing what I know now about proper sterilization, I found the opportunity for medical
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Collip. All parties involved were more focused on the credit they were receiving for the work, and less on how the research will help those afflicted with diabetes. The film showed that ego is an instrumental part of progress, and while the characters were portrayed as selfish, that selfishness resulted in a medical breakthrough. As a way to break up the monotony of the research portion of the film, as well as add some humanity to it, he film focused on a girl named Elizabeth. Through her, the audience had the opportunity to see what life with diabetes was like during that time period. By showing a person suffering from the disease, especially a juvenile, the film was able to convey the seriousness of the disease. In today’s society diabetes is treatable and thousands of sufferers live long and healthy lives. It was interesting to see that something so treatable now was a death sentence less than one hundred years ago. This shows how one simple idea can become a medical revelation, and inspires hope that other diseases can be cured with a simple vision. Overall, I enjoyed the film. My biggest issue was the formatting of the film and the medium that it was available. It would have been more enjoyable had the film not been broken up into segments that needed to load. Had the movie been available on DVD or in one longer segment, it would have been easier to watch. The continuous breaks in the action of
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