Glory Road And Remember The Titans : Movie Analysis

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Each coach or facilitating leader in each of the films establish ground rules. Schwarz lists ground rules for effective groups a: “test assumptions and inferences, share relevant information, use specific examples and agree on what important words mean, Explain your reasoning and intent, focus on interests, not positions, combine advocacy and inquiry, jointly design next steps and ways to test disagreements, discuss undiscussable issues, and use a decision-making rule that generates the level of commitment needed” (GROUND RULES, p. 2). While the leaders in the films don’t list each of these by number, they focus on the key rules that will help their team succeed. The biggest rule that the films focused on was the emphasis on interests, not positions. Each of the leaders within the teams had to redirect the focus of the group to their end goal and not how they felt about each other to get there.
Each coach or team leader also faced issues regarding diversity and the need to discuss undiscussable issues. Schwarz describes undiscussable issues as, “ones that are relevant to the group's task but that group members believe they can't discuss openly in the group without some negative consequences” (page 7 GROUND RULES). Specifically, in Glory Road and Remember the Titans, the teams had to discuss their issues of prejudice and racism. In these instances, the split between races could cause the teams to divide and fail when trying to reach their team goal. In the film Miracle, the

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