Glory Road Vs Remember The Titans

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Gage Vanourney Mr.Mangano Intro to College Writing 10/10/2017 Glory Road vs Remember the Titans The movie “Glory Road,” is the stereotypical disney sports movie. The movie is about a college basketball team that had recruited more black than white players, the team was not supposed to win many games but they quickly went right past their expectations, and went all the way to being the best team in college. The movie is based on a basketball team in 1966. Texas Western won the NCAA basketball championship while only playing the black players, instead of the usual one black person on the court at a time. This movie takes place right in the middle of the segregation era between whites and blacks. So coach Haskins decision to go out and…show more content…
The administration really began to accept the moves and show support towards coach Haskins and the rest of the team. The movie shows the hardship and struggles of the black children and adults who are just trying to live their life in a disrespectful, uncaring white society. The movie has many scenes that show how blacks were treated by others, some scenes were more intense in showing racism than others. Some scenes are less graphic but racism was still obvious. An example of this is the way that other white coaches would talk to each other about Texas Western and insult them just because they were different from other college basketball teams at this time. There was one scene where the team was on the road traveling and they stopped for dinner one night at a restaurant. Before the basketball team enters the restaurant, people in the restaurant were talking badly about the team and giving them dirty looks simply because of their skin color. In some scenes, racism was also shown in more intense ways. An example of this is when the team stopped at a restaurant to get some food and get ready for the game. One of the players left the team to use the bathroom. While the player was in the restroom, that player was ganged up on by two or three white men and the player was assaulted and beat up very badly. The events and blatant racism really took its toll on the team. After some of these

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