Glossary of Hospitality Terms

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Glossary of Hospitality/Tourism Terms

American Plan (AP)
A type of room rate which includes the price of the room, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Also known as full pension.

Apartment Hotel
Accommodation in apartment-style units rather than rooms: with minimum or expanded in-suite cooking facilities. Defined by legislation for licensing and classification purposes.

Available Rooms (suites, beds)
The number of rooms normally available on a day to day basis, LESS those permanently used for some purpose other than guest occupancy.

Average Daily Rate (ADR)
The total room revenue for a given period (day, month to date, month, year to date), divided by the number of rooms occupied for the same period. Frequently used as a measure
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Also referred to as a waiter 's check or restaurant check.

Guest History
A record maintained for each guest who has stayed at the hotel with a separate entry for each visit and details of pertinent preferences. This is a valuable reference tool for reservations, marketing, and credit departments. Guest histories are now more readily available through the increased utilization of computers and technology.

Guest House
A personal residence with a small amount of overnight accommodation sometimes limited by legislation and residence constraints. Typically provides breakfast which is included within the room rate but no other meals. Not licensed to provide alcoholic beverages commercially.

Guest Service Directory
A documented listing of all of the features of a hotel together with general and pertinent information about the community within which the property is located. Directories are usually provided within each guest room.

High (Peak) Season / Shoulder Season
The period of consecutive months during which optimum revenues, room/suite occupancy and average room rates are generated. In the Rajasthan this is generally October through March.

Minimum number of available rooms, services, and amenities, usually defined by legislation for licensing and classification purposes as well as eligibility for fiscal incentives in some jurisdictions. May provide food and beverage services on site but not always within the

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