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Child Hunger in America By Western Governors University Abstract The United States faces many social problems. One of these problems is child hunger. It has sociological origins and challenges for government and citizens alike. Social Problem The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) reports 16.7 million children under the age of eighteen live in a household where consistent access to adequate amounts of nutritious food for a healthy life is not obtainable. This is called food insecurity. Although this is harmful to any individual, it has major implications for children. Nutrition establishes…show more content…
Obesity as a result of high calorie non nutritious foods is being linked to an increase in Type 2 diabetes among children. Hunger impairs concentration which impacts educational achievement. Poorer educations results in decreased workforce productivity as an adult; it can be a barrier to self sufficiency and employment, thereby perpetuating the cycle. Sociological Theory Structural Functionalism is the understanding of society that presumes social systems are assembled to fill social needs. (Wikibooks, 2012). Social inequality refers to individuals in a society that do not have equal social status. (Wikibooks, 2012). Social inequality is the current situation. Factors contributing to poverty and hunger are the social and economic challenges faced by the family. The number one cause noted for the increase is unemployment of the parent. Closely following this is access to affordable housing. Other influences are low wages, gap between rich and poor, earning disparity between men and women, barriers to affordable child care and health insurance. Inequality is a motivator for people to change. The organizations and institutions are interdependent, when one makes a change the others accommodate by changing as well. The WIC, SNAP and National School Lunch Program have adjusted their entrance criteria to meet the greater needs of the majority of the people.
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