Gluten Free Diet Analysis

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What should be the Autism Diet
Autism is a complex developmental and neurological condition that typically appears during the first three years of life. People with autism have a leaky gut or intestine, which allows parts of gluten and casein to seep in to the blood stream and affect the brain and central nervous system. It affects brain function, particularly in the areas of social interaction and communication skills. The main systems of autism are delayed talking, lack of interest in playing with other children, not wanting to be held or cuddled and poor eye contact.
Autism can lead to health concern like:-
• Limit food selection/strong food dislikes
• Not eating enough food
• Constipation
• Medication interactions
Diet for Autism:-
There is some evidence showing that a gluten free diet when combined with casein free diet helps to improve the behavior of children with
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Reading food labels carefully is extremely important.
The foods that help to manage autism are:
• Rice, bajara, jowar, ragi, corn, popcorn, cornflakes, cornflour, arrowroot, tapioca (shimla aloo), sabudana (sago), besan, singhara atta, chiwda (flakes rice), Murmura (puffed rice), rice noodles, potato, soya flour, food items like dosa, rice uttapam, rice papad, sago papad, aloo papad, etc.
• All dals and dal products, chana, sprouts, soyabeans, etc.
• All types of fruits & vegetables.
• Nuts like peanuts, almond, coconuts, cashew nuts, etc.
• Fresh soup, fresh juices, carbonated drinks, black tea, black coffee, lemonade, etc.
Sugar, salt, pepper, condiments, spices, etc.
• Egg, non vegetarian foods preparation without use of wheat flour, bread crumbs, maida, etc.
Conclusion: There is no cure for autism and therefore lifelong gluten and casein free diet is essential for best result. Dt. Sanjay Kumar Mishra
Chief Dietician
Paras HMRI Hospital, Patna
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