Gluten-Free Diet and Screen-Detected Celiac Disease: Case Studies and Research

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Assignment #1 For this assignment find 10 sources for proposed research paper, Ashkenzai A, & Barash G. (1992) Living with Celiac disease, Harefuah. 123, 240-4, 308. Patients with CD, particularly adolescents find it challenging to comply with the diet; and parents are often reluctant to prepare gluten-free food which is not only more costly but also frustrating. More so, school teachers are usually ignorant of the specific dietary requirements of these patients. The authors examined physical, scholastic, and social aspects of CD patients in comparison with their siblings in the same age groups (10-18 years) in order to determine whether CD and the need to keep a diet influenced their scholastics, physical and social achievements. 25 CD patients and 14 of their siblings were interviewed at home where they filled a questionnaire. The authors concluded that: "we did not find significant differences in scholastic achievement and social adjustment between patients and siblings. It appears that children and adolescents with CD can live with their disease and keep a gluten-free diet while performing satisfactorily in school. (241) Some individuals with CD, however, reported psychological challenges. This is a qualitative observation with at least three limitations effecting an otherwise excellent study. Firstly the groups are small. Secondly the groups are mismatched 25 to 14. this is a dramatic mismanagement. Thirdly self-reports are deficient in reliability in various

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