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The Gluten Free Food Industry Alyssa Lipshutz January 15, 2011 Current Marketing Perspectives Pallab Paul Overview of Gluten free Market If you walk into a grocery store today, chances are there is going to an aisle or at least a section dedicated to gluten free food; nevertheless, this was not always the case. The United State’s gluten free market has become increasingly popular during the last decade. Gluten free food gained significant recognition and emerged from its shadow with the help of celebrities such as Chelsea Clinton whose wedding cake was entirely gluten free or Madonna who had gluten free treats at her birthday ( Prior to this, there was very little knowledge regarding gluten intolerances, and…show more content…
For smaller companies such as Udi’s that do not have as large of a marketing budget as compared to General Mills, this is an effective and valuable way to market. Given the trend illustrated in the graph below, using the Internet to market gluten free products appears to be a trend that will only continue to grow with the expansion of the industry. Graph 2 (GlutenFreePages) Gluten Free Market Challenges Though the gluten free market is expanding at a rapid rate there are still many challenges and obstacles that must be considered. The first major challenge is that gluten free foods are significantly more expensive then foods that contain gluten. The main reason for this is because replacing the ingredients that contain gluten with gluten free ingredients can lead to expensive production costs, which inevitably increases the products price. Furthermore, the alternate ingredients used are often times more expensive and many times additional ingredients are required. According to table one (see Appendix A), gluten free foods are often times more then double the price of their counterpart items. Though some individuals chose a gluten free diet because they feel it is healthier, for those that forced to maintain a gluten

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