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1. Conduct a mid-year PEP review after Q2 concludes, between April 15 and May 15. Upcoming Challenges/Opportunities 2. Serve as the POCs (OBS lead) for OFR’s CR review exercise to launch a review focused on large contracts (over $1M), as well as all grants, that we expect to award between now and May 1st. January 21 deadline. a. See Christa, Grant and Steve’s emails for goals and guidance Topic A: PR Packages 3. Ensure PRs are submitted on time and complete. OAS (Vallerie Redd and team) will prepare a PR package check list including SOWs, IGCEs, and Aps. OAS will also design training sessions for key documents in the PR. Topic B: GrantSolutions 4. Improve the process flow of grant actions in GMM and decrease the time of obligation.…show more content…
Establish a representative costing overhead model earlier in the fiscal year to minimize administrative burden. OBS (Mitch Taylor and team) will assist with spend plans with identify mechanisms that will expense the reimbursable funding. NCEH/ATSDR will be able to recoup more overhead fees throughout the year. Other 6. NCEH/ATSDR & OFR will plan for the reorganization of two divisions merging and reducing eight branches into four branches. This will include discussions of CAN realignments, staffing requests, IRIS BAAP updates, and leadership changes. 7. OFR will assist in identifying potential funding for laboratory services previously funded by Tobacco and Volatiles Branch (TVB). 8. NCEH/ATSDR & OFR will hold discussions on how to execute registry goals and the timing. 9. OA (Cherie Gray and team) will provide updates about potential changes for lines. Discussions will also occur for the creating communication plans. 10. OFR will assist NCEH/ATSDR with obligating funding for PPHF and determining the best method for executing funds. 11. OFR will continue to provide discussions of Flint Michigan community research project. 12. Upcoming review of targets for PEP priorities for FY17 will continue to happen at other meetings with senior leadership and
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