Gm Corn Research Paper

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GMO's a word that to some inspire fear rather it be due to some conspiracy of a Orwellian government attempting to keep the population in check with poisons or the simple fear of the GM part of GMO to be playing god or mother nature herself. Or even the true facts of GM corn producing its own insectisides and restances to disease despite normally not being harmful to humanity and in some cases even beneficial.

GMO's and more specifically GM corn is a very beneficial route for humanity to take when it comes to the future of agriculture. With many benefits to not only those consuming but to the farmers producing them and even to less developed nations if exported and planted en masse, it could save hundreds of thousands from starvation. Now
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With GMO's we can at least address the problem of a lack of food and even help with a lack of diversity if you can make a single cob of corn give all the necessary vitamins and nutrients you could keep an entire population stable on a single staple food source. The benefits for third world countries alone should already be a worthy enough cause to have GM corn among many others more widely accepted but the unfortunate truth is that fear based on ignorance and sometimes even lies keep them down. Many believe GMO's to be more or less Frankenstein like fruits and vegetables created in a lab somewhere with a poor cob of corn strapped to a table and blasted with radiation or gene spliced with other plants until the desired results are acquired but that is simply…show more content…
To many people GMO's are seen as a "Crime against nature" or a dangerous and unnatural food source that harm more than help us. However many including myself see the potential of GMO's and agree that the risks are more than over shined by the potential positives this breakthrough in science has to
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