Gm Foods Persuasive Essay

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GMOs Imagine knowing what is really in the food on our dinner plates every night. Probably organic, naturally grown foods, right? That might be the case in some foods, but now a days, most crops are grow genetically modified (GM). GM foods are foods that have been altered with a gene or protein from another living organism to give it a quality or characteristic that it never had before. Some examples of GM foods are apples that do not brown and potatoes that do not bruise. These are made when the organisms are genetically modified to reduce the levels of enzymes that cause browning and bruising. Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are unsafe. While they can be beneficial, GMOs are unhealthy for human consumption, cause environmental impacts, and have…show more content…
To begin with, GMOs are unsafe for human consumption. One reason they are unsafe is the fact that they cause health problems. Some of the health problems they cause are immune problems, faster aging, changes in major organs in our bodies, and infertility. The most common health problem GMOs cause is allergic reactions. They cause allergic reactions because GM foods contain combined proteins that weren’t in the original organisms. When the GM proteins are added, it can cause a new allergy to its’ consumer. Ken Mandel, a contributor at NewsMax, said, “For example, if a protein from an organism that caused an allergic reaction is added to something that previously didn’t, it may prompt a new allergic reaction.” That is only one reason why GMOs are unsafe.
Besides the fact that GMOs are unsafe for human consumption, they also have impacts on the environment. One impact GMOs have on the environment is that it causes damage. When livestock eat grass, hay, or any genetically modified pesticide-producing crop, it can lead to sick, sterile,and even dead livestock. The article “GMOs: Facts About Genetically Modified Food” states, “Genetically modified foods
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