Gm530 Final Exaple

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Course Project GM530
DeVry University – Keller Graduate School of Management

Professor –Managerial Decision-Making (GM530)

Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 Introduction – Overview of Decision Problem 4 Problem Statement 4 Objectives 5 Summary of Key Objectives: 5 Alternatives 6 Description of Alternatives: 6 Selection 7 Consequence Table with Original Values: Retirement / Job Change Costs 7 Ranking Alternatives: Title 8 Scoring Model: Scoring the Alternatives 8 Weighted Scoring Model: Decision time 8 Consequences 9 Risk Profile: Title 9 Implementation, Monitoring and Control 10 Timeline: 11 Summary 11 Works Cited 12

Executive Summary
Decision clarity in decision making is one of the
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In the end at 60 years of age I want to be in a position to stop work, enjoy my grandchildren and travel with my family. I would like to have my own business but not at the point of losing my savings and retirement to make that happen. This would allow for my family to pay off its bills, position my children for college and ensure our time with our grandchildren.
Summary of Key Objectives:

Fundamental Objectives | Means Objectives | Objective 1Work long enough to ensure retirement. | Means Objective APerform to increase pay and stability in the job | | Means Objective BLook for the opportunity for role promotions | | Means Objective CComfortable in role and am satisfied, little risk still a challenge | Objective 2Higher pay and opportunity for advancement. | Means Objective AEnter into a new field such as Aerospace or Homeland Security and out of IT | | Means Objective BMove to a new company, stay in IT field for more money | | Means Objective CBetter pay, benefits and working conditions | Objective 3Be my own boss. | Means Objective ALook at using the skills I have learned over my lifetime in others business for myself | | Means Objective BWork from home | | Means Objective CHave a business to turn over to my son to run |


In our text it is brought out that the visionary leader is willing to commit to change, Kopeikina states on page 197 that

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