Gmfc Impasse Case

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GMFC Impasse Case Study
Lawrence Britten
Excelsior College

GMFC Impasse Case Study
GMFC and Local 384 have been unsuccessful in negotiations and the current contract has just expired. This impasse has caused the first lapse of contract between the organization and the union in fifteen years. It is imperative to both the health of the company and to the job security of the employees to resolve these negotiations quickly. In order to move forward we must fully understand and evaluate the positions of both Local 384, and GMFC. What are the major barriers stopping us from reaching an agreement and what are the underlying issues to these barriers? We must fully evaluate the issues in order to
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“Impasses involving a first contract dislike between key negotiators, conflict within management or union teams, union strength, pattern bargaining, and an inability to pay is more often resolved by intensive mediation.” (Fossum, 2009) I believe that a mediator would help the company bridge the gap between what the union believes that we can provide as far as compensation and also better express the impact of medical costs on the health of the company. With the involvement of a mediator we may be more successful in a counter offer of a lower increase in pay of 5 cents.
The issue of medical costs and copays however, is going to be harder to negotiate. With the union not being open to the idea of copays we will have to seek other means. I suggest a number of different proposals to resolving the issue of medical costs. Simply reducing the amount total contribution of the company to healthcare premiums is not something that would likely be accepted by the union. It is possible that they may accept a reformation of our healthcare benefit plan that would limit the benefits by providing a choice to employees as to different benefits to choose from in the construction of an individual plan. This would allow us to eliminate certain coverage for individual employees. Other suggestions would be to negotiate a reduction in the overall coverage as a whole to a limited amount of coverage per year.
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