Gmo And Non Organic Fruit Or Vegetables?

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GMO in Our Foods

Have you ever wondered what is in your fruit or vegetables? Have you ever compared fruit or vegetables that are organic versus non-organic? Have you noticed that non-organic fruit appears to be a lot bigger than organic fruit? It is because of genetically modified food. Genetically modified food, also known as GMO, are foods that have had the DNA changed by scientific experiments that are not natural. Before GMO, herbicides and pesticides had to be used lightly because it would harm the plants, so scientists wanted to modify plants to protect them so they would be more resistant to herbicides and pesticides. People believe that it helps with diseases and the nutritional value of the particular food, but it is actually doing the opposite. It may be good for crops and farmers, but is it good for your health to eat genetically modified food from these plants? The answer is no, it is not.
Genetically modified food starts within the seeds, this is when scientists alter them, the seeds are planted, and then it ends up in our food. When you are eating GMO food, you are eating pesticides that are harmful to your body. Doctor Russell Blaylock, neuro surgeon and medical doctor of twenty one years, researched and found that the root causes of diseases and cancer is found in foods that are genetically altered. “Today, GMO is 73% to 95% in the U.S. crops” (qtd. In “Hidden”.) According to Doctor Oz, 85 percent from the GMO seed is from the big corporation called
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