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Introduction During the course of this lab, we explored whether or not certain processed foods contained Genetically Modified Organisms. Genetically modified food is an important subject in the world today. Ever since Flavr Savr came out with their tomatoes grown from genetically modified seeds in 1994 genetically modified foods has become ever more popular amongst distributors of produce (Mestel, 2013). The world’s population has grown by around one billion in the last decade (US Bureau of the Census). At this rate, Genetically Modified Organisms within food products will increase dramatically, but is this for the best? There are many risk factors that have been brought up with genetically modified foods such as potential increase of…show more content…
We hypothesize that the cornbread mixture has been genetically modified and therefore will show that in the results.

Materials and Methods The purpose of this experiment is to use PCR method to identify genetically modified foods. During the experiment we, as a group, tested a known non- GMO food sample, oatmeal, along with our cornbread mix. We first weighed out 0.77 g of the non- GMO oatmeal. We then proceeded to add 3.85 ml (5.00 ml per 1.00 g) of distilled water (DW) to the oatmeal and ground them together with a pestle. The same was done with 0.99 g of the cornbread mix and 4.95 ml of DW. We pipetted each of these into separate screw-cap tubes consisting of 500 l of an InstaGene solution. These we incubated and centrifuged for approximately 5 minutes each. We then took six PCR tubes and filled them each up, 2 with the non- GMO oatmeal mixture, 2 with the cornbread mixture and 2 with a known GMO positive substance. The Non- GMO and GMO positives served as controls for the experiment. One of each of the two tubes contained 20 l of plant MM and GMO MM. The PCR tubes were then placed in a thermal cycler and after this we did an agarose gel electrophoresis to provide us with the necessary data received from bands that should’ve shown up n the gel.

Results Even though we had followed procedure and accurately mixed the correct amount and type of DNA and Master Mix together, as shown in Table

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