Gmo Research Paper

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Genetically Modified Foods Someone out there has probably wondered why their tomatoes which they bought at a supermarket, taste different than the tomatoes at a farmers market. Well to answer that curious person, the tomatoes from the supermarket are most likely Genetically Modified. Genetically Modified foods (GM foods) are organisms in which genetic material (DNA) have been altered in a way that is not natural. Basically they are inserting genes of another species into their DNA, the process is known as biotechnology. 45 percent of corn and 85 percent of soybean are genetically modified. Fulton states that “some 70-90 percent of processed food is genetically modified and has been that way for years” (“Politics Heating Up Over…”). The…show more content…
GM foods may be safe or may be dangerous either way people should be able to have the choices as to what they want to consume into their own body. Wuyang Hu, Michele Veeman, Wiktor Adamowicz and Ge Geo did a research on “Consumers’ Food Choices with Voluntary Access to Genetic Information” one of the things they discorvered is that “despite recognition of the importance of information to consumers’ choice of products, whether and to what extent individual consumers will seek product information and the effect of this search behavior on product choices are not features that are well understood and there are relatively few studies of this issue”(Hu,Veeman,Adamowiz and Gao 586). They did a computer based survey that was a component of a larger study of Canadian consumers’ altitudes and purchasing intentions for Genetically Modified pre-packaged sliced bread. “A total of 445 respondents, drawn from a representatives panel of adult Canadians maintained by a major marketing firm, completing this survey” (Hu,Veeman,Adamowiz and Gao 586). Hu,Veeman,Adamowiz and Gao mention that “since the presence or absence of GM ingredients is a credence attribute, the provision and influence of information is expected to have impacts on purchase intentions”(586). Gao states that individuals with different characteristics exhibit different information search behavior (586). Meaning that everyone has different thoughts and pleasures and ways of life so, different
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