Gmo's: A Large Change In Agriculture

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For the past 30 years GMO’s have been a large change in agriculture. Crops are now growing at crazy rates and yields are setting records every year. Gmo’s have been thought to be harmful these past years but they are actually not harmful. They create a safe way to protect crops and humans for every type of meal. Without GMO’s the world would not be the way it is today. There would be more poverty and less jobs because of agriculture. Genetically Modified Crops are as safe as organic crops. GMO’s are nothing to fear because of all the studies that have been conducted. Italian and American researchers have conducted well over 2,000 studies that prove they are safe for human consumption.(Bailey) GMO’s have no direct hazards proven to people.…show more content…
For the past 20 years 80% of the food humans have eaten is genetically modified. With GMO’s food prices have gone down tremendously making it more affordable. Without GMO’s prices would go up 30% and farmers would not be able to produce enough crops to feed everyone.(Weise) Organic food is normally double the price of genetically modified produce because of the way it is grown. Organic food gets half the yield because there is no pesticide use or modified organisms. Organic food is more susceptible to rot and insects. Also weeds grow more heavily so it takes supplies away from the plant making not as good of produce for a higher…show more content…
The testing includes ways it could affect livestock, the environment, and humans. Nutritional analysis and protein analysis are tested to look at the peptides used in the bioengineering.(Staff) This allows scientists to look at potential future risks like allergies and adverse effects. Battelle companies help conduct required studies like allergen tests for GMO products. These tests are some of the most diverse and most extensive in history. Genetically modified products are the most studied and tested in history. More than 1,700 peer-reviewed studies found no evidence the GMO crops have any adverse affects on animals or humans. There are 29 years of livestock testing and productivity statistics. This test includes more than one billion different animals that prove non-GM crops are safe as GM crops.(World Health Organization) These tests have been conducted all around the world and all have the same results proving the safety of genetically modified
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