Gmos Are Safe And Healthy For Humans

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What’s really in our food? The fact is many of our foods contain chemicals and genes not originally in the organism, making them Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). GMOs were made legal in the U.S. in 1995, and in 2010, 10 percent of the world’s farm land was being used for GMO agriculture (genetically modified organism 1). The use of GMOs has increased the productivity of agriculture, by increasing yield, requiring less pesticides, and making crops immune to pesticides to increase pest control ability. However, there are questions as to whether GMOs are safe and healthy for humans to consume. Similar questions about whether these foods should be labeled have also been raised. The debate on GMOs has various perspectives both for and against GMOs. In order to understand all the arguments, more information is required. The basic definition of a GMO is an organism that has been genetically altered by humans for a specific desired purpose. As of 2002, 60 percent of produced food contained some kind of GMOs (genetically modified organism 1). GMOs do have benefits when it comes to efficiency, compared to non GMO crops, GMO crops require far less pesticide use (Pamela 1). There are also claims about health benefits of GMOs. In Asia, a new “Golden Rice” is made by adding a gene from a daffodil that increases the vitamin A in the rice. The FDA believes that GMOs are safe, although there are arguments and worries about the potential health risks associated with GMOs (genetically

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