Gmos Are Safe For Consumption

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In recent years farmers have faced increasing odds against their crops – bugs building an increasing resistance to pesticides, too little rainfall, skyrocketing gas prices, and an increasing demand from the public for pure and wholesome products straight from nature. In addition to these difficulties, customers still demand that prices remain low, that goods are visually appealing and that as few chemicals as possible are used. The real questions posed is – is that even a viable possibility? Though many people are uninformed about genetically modified organisms, and hence often dislike them, their benefits cannot be ignored and due to the regulations and testing by the EPA and FDA, GMOs are considered safe for consumption. GMO use should…show more content…
However, there is no consensus from the scientific community yet. Due to the lack of consensus, there have been numerous court cases dismissed with regards to enforced labeling on GM foods. Those against labeling often cite court cases such as Alliance for Bio-Integrity v. Shalala. The 1992 court case challenged the FDA’s “generally recognized as safe” statement (Acosta). GRAS is a term used in the food industry that references a food additive that is said to be safe by experts. The court ruled that “FDA’s interpretation of the FFDCA’s labeling requirement was reasonable” and “genetic modification does not ‘materially’ alter foods” (Acosta). Those for mandatory labeling however cite that most of Europe has regulations regarding labeling food products. Although labels are required, there is little effect on the economics of GM food in Europe (Gruère and Rao 5). Therefore, if there is no economic difference between a labeled GM food and unlabeled product, enforcing legislation would be a waste. To enforce something that still will not deter consumers and to spend millions if not billions would be irresponsible.
GMOs are safe and beneficial for human consumption. GMOs have been rigorously studied to ensure their safety. In a summary of hundreds of reports compiled by Angelika Hilbeck, she concludes that “on the basis of their studies, that a number of varieties of GM products (mainly maize and soybeans) are as safe and
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