Gmos : Genetically Modified Organisms

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In a recent article found on Facebook, David Gutierrez described how Thierry Vrain, a former Genetically Modified Organism scientist recently changed his mind on how he personally feels about genetically modified organisms. Previous to this article Vrain was for GMOs and was taking on many experiments on GMOs. However now, he says that he rejects a previous statement of his that said “biotechnology companies engineered crops, have no impact on the environment and of course that they are safe to eat” (Gutierrez, 2016). More interesting about this newspaper article, is that Vrain also now claims that GMOs cause damage to bodily organs in the human, such as the kidneys, liver and spleen. (Gutierrez, 2016). I chose this article because I wanted to see what the real science behind GMOs is, since most crops are being engineered by GMOs. I also wanted to examine why after so long Vrain changed his mind on what he thinks of Genetically Modified Organisms. Since GOMs are becoming more prevalent worldwide, I wanted to investigate what the actual science is behind them and if they in fact are good or bad for human health. In an article written for The New England Journal of Medicine, Philip Landrigan M.D., and Charles Benbrook Ph.D. discuss just how GMOs affect humans and the science behind them. Landrigan and Benbrook (2015) state, “GMOs are not high on most physicians’ worry lists”. This quote gives a sense that GMOs are not a concern to the majority of doctors. By looking at the
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