Gnc- Retail Management Application Report Essays

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Retailing Management Application Project

November 30, 2011

Presented to ________
Marketing Research 3167
Fall 2011

Statement of Intellectual Honesty: _____________, _____________, _____________, ______________

Table of Contents GNC Company Overview 3 Retail Strategy 3 Target Market 3 Positioning 3 Merchandise and services offered 4 Pricing 5 Advertising and promotions 7 Store design and atmospherics 8 Location 9 Customer service 10 Use of Technology 10 Performance Evaluations 12 Works Cited 14

GNC Company Overview

General Nutrition Companies, INC. was founded in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania by David Shakarian in 1935 as a single, specialized, general health retail store (Histories, 2011). Since
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(Reuters, 2011)
Sports nutrition products are designed to be taken in conjunction with an exercise and fitness regimen. These products include: proteins, mass gainers, pre-workout supplements, during-workout supplements, post-workout supplements, and gluten free products. In total, the sports nutrition sector generated approximately 43% of GNC’s retail sales for 2010. (Reuters, 2011)
VMHS products include whey, casein, protein blends, ready to drink products, protein bars, herbs, and natural remedies. In total, they generated approximately 40% of GNCs retail store sales in 2010. (Reuters, 2011)
Other products offered by GNC account for 7% of its sales and include: cleansing and digestion products, sexual health products, energy and endurance products, and beauty care products. In addition to the core products, GNC also offers exercise equipment and accessories. Our product mix, which is focused on high-margin, value-added nutritional products, is sold under our GNC proprietary brands, including Mega Men®, Ultra Mega®, Pro Performance®, Total Lean™ and Preventive Nutrition®, and under nationally recognized third-party brands, including Muscletech®, EAS® and Atkins®.

GNC offers a variety of different products that are tailored to fit into just about every consumer’s price range. From its top of the line brand named products to the generic less expensive products, GNC
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