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Human beings long to read minds; to help friends through hard times, to understand why the man on the bus is staring at someone else, the parents who just found out what wrong their child has done, the man being interviewed for a corporate job, the cop interviewing a suspect of a recent crime. These are all examples of everyday situations that exemplify why a person would want to just look at his peers, relative, possible employees, or suspects and just know what they are thinking. What these people do not know, though, is that this ability is entirely possible. A subject's true intentions can be exposed through observation of his unconscious expressions and body language. Just by observing the people around him, a person can interpret…show more content…
During World War II, physiognomy played a role in predicting soldiers that would make good pilots for the Naval Air Corps of the Imperial Japanese Naval Aeronautics Department. Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto could predict which soldiers would make good pilots with just a simple examination (“Physiognomy”, Wikipedia 16). In today's society, physiognomy is being revived in many different fields of psychology as well as in the everyday life of people throughout all countries of the world. Psychologists are using physiognomics as personality identification techniques because of the fact that the human body unconsciously gives off the signs and expressions that deal with the physiognomic theory. The study of body language, referred to as Kinesics, also helps in determining the true objectives of a subject that is being observed. Kinesics refers to the interpretation of gestures and non-verbal communication concerning movement of the body as a whole or in individual parts. Ray Birdwhistell, an arthropologist, was the first to use this term in 1952 when he decided to study the communication techniques employed by people through posture, gesture, stance, and movement (Kinesics 2). Birdwhistell stated that all body movements have a specific meaning that can equate to spoken language. He also estimated that no more than 30 to 35 percent of the social meaning of a conversation or interaction is carried

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