Go-Getup Essay

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If you have a nice girlfriend, there are probably guys hitting on her couple of time a week and it is just a matter of time before another guy hits on her just right there in front of you. This motherfucker! You’re thinking... Yeah, some guys are highly motivated go-getters, and they go after what they want in life. Most of those guys have already realized that the average civilized modern man is a pussy living under the boot of his wife and that the modern feminist women are on a quest to reach new levels of promiscuity. In fact, they probably have never been that easy to fuck in all history of mankind and the married/engage ones are best as they make perfect discreet fuck friend that don’t bug you all the time with their problems or try…show more content…
Turning the problem into an opportunity This is your chance to find out if she can be trusted. If you worry about what she going to do with this guy while you’re there with her, be very worried about what she going to do while you're not there. This is your chance to test her! The cost of women In a long-term relationship, women will cost you a lot! Time, energy, emotion, money and even your dreams. Your women will be by far the greatest and the riskiest of all the investments you will make in your life. How many women, fake to be good wife material until the day following the wedding or until she delivers the first baby, only to reveal her true narcissist gold digging nature? How many men have been ruined by their ex-wife? Countless amount! It always turns out being his fault, because he's an asshole rapist pig and she is a little angel, victim of his constant oppression. This is no joke, and do not think that this does not apply to you because you are a good guy! In most case, being a good/nice guy will only encourage her to abuse even more. Now a day, women have more legal power than men do. Couple that with relentless feminist brainwashing in all mainstream media and add to that their hypergamous narcissistic nature and you have a nice recipe for disaster. This is a real risk. My point here is: TRUST IS A FUCKING MUST and its way more important than the size of her tits. Use this opportunity to test her This is the unique
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