Go Green Medical Case Study

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Business Model
The Go Green Medical business model is based on a simple four-step method to create, market, deliver and maintain. The goal is to create a variety of high quality products, market effectively to individuals and other provisioning centers, deliver a quality product with outstanding customer care, and maintain those relationships for repeat business.
Key Partners
Employees and investors are key partnerships to Go Green Medical’s success. Investors are crucial to attaining the capital needed to fund the company and bring the business to fruition. Once funding has been achieved, finding and training the right employees of Go Green Medical, and its provisioning center GGM, can begin. The companies success will be based on providing a variety of product and strong customer relations. Therefore, extensive vetting of all potential employees will begin early as well as specialized training to ensure high levels of customer care.
Using the combined knowledge and existing business contacts of Mr. Troost and Mr. Bushman will allow the company to acquire any needed supplies at the best possible cost. Mr. Bushman has cultivated numerous relationships with suppliers through his landscape company and other ventures. His areas of expertise will
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GGM will also work with affiliates such as, and has joined the West Michigan Cannabis Association and the National Cannabis Industry Association. These partnerships provide alternative channels and opportunities with regard to marketing. Once the State of Michigan provides an outline of acceptable advertising strategies, Go Green Medical intends to work closely with an outside marketing firm, guided by an in-house marketing director, to target their desired market using social media, billboard and other forms of digital
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