Go Phonics Research Paper

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Mathematics is naturally inclined to build upon itself. This being stated, mathematics starts off simple and adds more difficult material as it progresses. Go Phonics follows a similar approach. Therefore, mathematics and Go Phonics share similarities in the way that they are designed to be taught in a classroom. Level two and three are started after initial instruction of the alphabet and the sounds that they make. Therefore, the lessons begin at a more advanced level. This would compare to starting a math lesson at adding numbers. Each lesson is setup to include the use of previously learned information, addition of new information, and application of both. Mathematics has a similar approach. Students are required to use knowledge that has already been taught and apply it in multiple ways. For example, addition encompasses many different elements. Addition includes knowing how many object each number represents, the knowledge of what adding the numbers mean, and the ability to perform the function of adding the numbers together. This approach allows for the student to review and retain the…show more content…
If a student is struggling to understand that of a digraph the two consonants give up their independent sounds to create a new sound then a math example can be applied. The number twelve (12) could represent a blend because the number one (1) and the number two (2) give up their own meaning an create the meaning of twelve. Also another way that mathematics to explain phonic is when the same sound is represented in multiple ways. The long sound e is represented by “e-e”, “ee”, and “ea.” If a student doesn’t understand that a sound can be represented multiple ways and example of three can be shown. Three can be represented with three objects, the numerical representation of three (3), and the word version of three
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