Go Tell It On The Mountain

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Go Tell It on the Mountain Review Go Tell It on the Mountain is a story than many African Americans can relate too. James Baldwin paints a picture of what the post-Civil War era would be for former slaves and their families. Many African Americans moved north in areas such as Harlem to find better job opportunities and to escape the harsh treatment of the Jim Crow laws in the South. As black families were moving to the North, many saw this as an opportunity to start over. It was a sentiment of being “reborn” again. That is why I believe the Pentecostal church was very attractive to many African Americans. The Pentecostal church gave the African American community a sense of relief. It was an outlet from the harsh and cruel treatment that was distributed on a daily basis. The Pentecostal gave the black community hope just like how Noah led the Israelites out of Egypt. There is a parallel to the Pentecost that the church would lead them to a better life one day when their time on Earth is over. One of the main themes discussed in the book is silence. Silence was mainly discussed in the section of “Gabriel’s Prayer”. Gabriel is a preacher in the novel. He was once a very ambitious and wild young man who felt like he was on top of the world and nothing can stop him. In this part of the book his sister Florence is crying at the altar. This gave him a flashback when he was crying on a tree where he often sees on a daily basis. He was waiting. Waiting for a sign
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