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Executive Summary This case study will provide strategic information on the San Mateo, California company: GoPro, Inc. It will provide tools used for management decisions as well as an analysis of the information. The purpose of this paper is to provide an in-depth, formal case analysis that utilizes the entire strategic management process. Assuming I have been asked by GoPro to fully analyze the ins and outs of their firm, we will take a look at GoPro’s internal and external environment. Some analysis tools that will be utilized include: SWOT, BCG, IFE, EFE, SFAS, OSPP, SPACE, and QSPM matrices. At the end of the analysis recommendations and insight into the success of GoPro will be given.

GoPro is a camera
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Making it easier for the user to “go pro” like a professional athlete/adventurer.

Company Composition GoPro’s corporate governance sets high standards for the company’s employees, officers and directors. Their composition strategy and expectations of employees include honesty, integrity, and an open environment for whistle blowing. Their strategy on ethics is one that keeps company secrets away from competition, doesn’t allow bribes, and conducts business with a morally strong attitude. On their website is a list of guidelines used to outlines its philosophies and business practices when it comes to governing the company. GoPro’s governance consists of a committee, board of directors, and upper division executives. The committee composition looks as follows:

The committee preforms tasks such as auditing the company, nominations of governance, and the creation/allocation of compensation and leadership. The Board of directors, management, and analysts covering GoPro, Inc. consists of the following:

GoPro’s IPO Newer to the market, GoPro went public in 2012 at $24 per share. The share price climbed to over $48 by the fourth day. On day 5, its shares had sunk by around 10%; most likely due to short selling According to Brian Solomon of Forbes, the utilization level (the share percentage available on
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