Goal Accomplishment Analysis

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As the president of my university, I plan to use the goal accomplishment approach to evaluate the university’s effectiveness. Being such a diverse university, I believe it is important to have a solid team, focused on improving and growing together. The goal accomplishment approach allows individuals to be themselves while being apart of a team.
Teamwork has been impactful in my life; As a team, you try to achieve a common goal. Though some individual will contribute more than others, a team can only succeed if everyone believes in the goal. The ultimate objective of a team is to win, as the ultimate objective of a university is to equip students to be successful in their lives. Both a team and a university have to have minor goals to be able to achieve their overall goal. Part of this approach is understanding the key result, whether positive or negative. Some of the most important lessons I have learned was when I lost or failed. These instances allow us to critique our actions and improve on them.
For instance, I was competing at the National Softball Tournament and was one for four for the day. Although, I could not change my statistics, I could improve them. In
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I made it a goal that day, that at least three times a week I would be doing some type of community outreach. After many different experiences, I found outreaches to participate in. SWAG being one of them, I also am a leader at Kids Klub, and am apart of a women's community Bible study once a week. While working with these organizations, a desire to work in and influence so called “hood” neighborhoods has increased. My career aspirations are to work in an athletic department and do community outreaches. Athletics are an outlet for most kids. They allow them to forget about the situation they are in and feel like a normal kid. Sports provide coaching and encouragement, it gives these “hood” kids a sense of
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