Goal: How To Cut Down On Sugar Intake

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Goal: How to cut down on Sugar

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Title: How to cut down on sugar intake
Sugar is not great for our bodies, but we are consuming increasingly higher amounts of it. By default, we are dealing with more health issues from our sugar intake. Cutting down on sugar can help resolve some of our health issues.

What happens when we eat lots of sugar?

When we eat too much sugar, we can gain weight, and acquire diseases like diabetes, tooth decay, metabolic syndrome, and gout. Despite these known dangers, the consumption of sugar has skyrocketed for the past few decades.

Is sugar really that dangerous?

In itself, sugar is not dangerous. It's when we consume way too much of it that problems begin to occur. The body can break down sucrose and make it into glucose and fructose, and then channel it into the bloodstream. The hormone insulin is required to channel glucose into cells to be burned as energy. This is all natural for the body, but too much sugar can throw off this whole pattern.
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Diabetes and metabolic syndrome happens when the body becomes less and less able to transfer glucose into cells due to the increase of insulin. High levels of glucose in the bloodstream is not good because it can block capillaries or make arteries less flexible. High sugar consumption of sugar is also associated with elevated levels of uric acid, which causes gout.

So, how much sugar should you consume?

The World Health Organization (WHO) has made guidelines about sugar intake for adults and children. WHO recommends that sugar intake for adults should be around six teaspoons per day. Children should consume less.

Your diet

We usually don't even realize that we're consuming too much sugar. It sneaks into our diet in ways that we don't expect. There are so many foods that unexpectedly have high sugar content, such
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