Goal Of Education

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Marc Prensky's article “the goal of education is becoming” is about the poor decision of how schools are teaching children. The article by Diane Ravitch named “the common core costs billions and hurts students” has the same theme, but they do have some differences that really make them their own article with their own points. One of the differences is Ravitch mentions how people from poorer places or in poor black and hispanic neighborhood have worse to no schooling. She states this by saying “policy makers encouraged the firing of thousands of teachers and the closing of thousands of low-scoring public schools, mostly in poor black and Hispanic neighborhoods”. While Prensky doesn’t mention this point, he mainly justs focuses on how schooling…show more content…
When they leave school, with a strong resume to their credit, they should be creative and effective thinkers, communicators, and doers. Anyone who thinks we've arrived at that goal is fooling himself”. This quote shows that in both texts common core and tests should not be the end of the children's grade because that does not make good people in the world but instead makes good tests takers. This point really shows the other's purpose for writing this article (that main goal being to improve the way education is given). In my opinion the fact that these quotes are coming from credible sources makes me really people there needs to be a change that happens soon so our future children don’t have to have education that makes them good test takers and by no means makes them ready to go out into the society and face what the world has in store for them. Why haven't they changed the way we learn? Why do they insist on tests being so important? Is my child actually learning what they needs for the rest of their life? These are many questions that need to be asked for the next generations
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