Goal Of Occupational Therapy

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What is Occupational Therapy?
The primary goal of occupational therapy (OT) is to improve health and function in day-to-day life through participation in meaningful occupations. An “occupation” goes well beyond paid employment – it is anything that occupies your time. Hobbies, activities with family, and the basic skills of independent living are all within the scope of OT. Whether you are referred due to an injury or a disability, occupational therapists will build treatment based on what matters to you. What gives your life meaning? What will enhance your confidence and sense of well-being? Do you want to independently dress yourself? Drive yourself to the grocery store? Chop celery to make your favorite chicken salad? At your occupational
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Whether your difficulty is of recent origin or part of a long-term condition, occupational therapists can help you manage pain and find solutions. Is arthritis pain making it difficult for you to dress in the morning? Occupational therapists can help you learn techniques and provide assistive devices to improve your morning routine. Are you worried about the physical independence of an older relative living alone? An evaluation with OTs can address your safety concerns and advise you on the best steps moving forward. Sometimes occupational therapists will recommend adjustments to an environment to improve health and function, other times a change in how a patient interacts with that environment is sufficient to promote a more independent lifestyle. Activity modifications like splint fabrication can provide a temporary solution while the body heals. No matter your age or circumstances, occupational therapy can benefit your daily life.
Where can I get Occupational Therapy?
Occupational therapists work in hospitals, schools, clinics, nursing homes, and health care centers. In certain situations, OTs even provide in-home care.
UAB’s Outpatient Occupational Therapy Department is located on the first floor of Spain Rehabilitation Center. A referral from a physician is required to make an appointment. All our OTs and OTAs have advanced degrees in therapy, will use their knowledge of
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If you find yourself unable to participate in activities you value, a visit with an occupational therapist can help educate you on options. With consistent hard work and adaptive methods, you can learn or recover functional abilities. OTs work to improve quality of life for patients by helping them regain as much independence as possible. In occupational therapy, the question is not only “What is the matter with you?”, but “What matters to you?” A creative and caring occupational therapist can treat injuries and provide ideas to facilitate high-quality independent
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