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Goal Reflection # 2
A short reflection paper At the beginning of the winter quarter I set as a goal to improve my skills preparing bank reconciliations. I choose this goal because I was always confused in the time of elaborating it indeed, I could not difference outstanding check and checks in transit. Moreover, the time that I spent trying to solve these types of problems was excessive. Now at the end of the Winter quarter, I feel a little more relieve about the process of doing bank reconciliation, indeed I feel happy and proud of myself because now I do know how to difference outstanding check and deposit in transit. In addition, I was able to reduce the time spent solving these problems, which makes me happy. Moreover, I learned how to
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Indeed, I was a afraid to ask some questions because I thought they will make fun of me. However, I said to my self is better to ask than die in the exam, and I thought it is now or never. Therefore, I asked so many questions until I got satisfied with the answer. The funny part of it was the one I got one answer another question raised from that answer. It was like a cycle, and I was happy to ask those questions otherwise I would not have learned the lesson. I really recommend any of my fellow classmates to visit the tutoring center to review and improve their skills. Finally, it is a nice place, and the tutor is nice. My other resources that help me to improve my skill preparing bank reconciliations was the website Khan Academy which is a great place to watch videos related about bank reconciliations. However, Khan Academy has educational videos for different curses and all of them are exceptionally educational, and helpful when learning a lesson. Another important point to mention is the dedication and time that I spend learning about bank reconciliations. Indeed, now I believe that everything can be done with time and dedication. So I put as a limit of time to add two more hours at my time dedicated only to bank reconciliations. Which was the great benefit because in that time I can really focus only
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