Goal Setting Has Been A Hot Topic Of Debate With Regards

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Goal setting has been a hot topic of debate with regards to sports and exercises environment as well as organisation settings, numerous theories have been adapted with the aim to understand and explain how goal setting can be measured and ultimately help and improve people in sports and exercise environments.
Understanding goal setting in current research has produced positive results, one can define goal setting as a systematic approach to achieving the desired result. Goal setting incorporates in various degree the desire to achieve an objective whether it’s for personal gain, because it makes them feel good or because there is a purpose.
It is human nature to want to do well when a challenge presents itself, it’s an innate
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self-motivated and also has shown to have high self-efficacy (Sari, 2015); whilst ego oriented individuals though still can share similarities with the task orientated individuals they predominantly focus their success based on comparison of other similar athletes and measure their success based on winning or losing. These athletes are extrinsically motivated i.e. are motivated by external factors. (Van de Pol & Kavussanu, 2011); (Weinberg, 1994). However, per Sari, (2015) it contributes towards negative self-efficacy. In their findings, Van de Pol & Kavussanu, (2011) it showed several dimensions to goal setting. The athletes used a series of psychological motivators such as goal setting, self-talk and attentional control (concentration), it was shown that athletes that were higher task orientated and lower ego used self-talk and goal settings in both training and competition, as well as attentional control far more than high ego/low task, focused athletes, it also showed that concentration was positively related to task orientated individuals. Task orientation has been shown to be positively correlated to perceived improvements and performance, consequently, ego orientated individuals were shown not to
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