Goal Setting Is An Best Way For Students With Track And Improve Physical Fitness Levels

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Goal setting is an excellent way for students to track and improve upon physical fitness levels. The importance of being able to set goals and to try to achieve them is that each individual student can assess where they are and set goals to improve. Not all students can achieve the same fitness standards. Some students are born with more muscle mass or more fast twitch muscle fibers than other students. Some students have asthma or other physical difficulties that make it difficult to measure up with other students when all students are required to get a certain score on a fitness test to get an A. Using goal setting where all students can be successful by reaching their goals and showing improvement could be a positive influence for future motivation. While problem based learning can help students to learn and use goal setting (Hubball 2006), goal setting may not always help students to achieve greater fitness levels. Hill (2015) found that those students who set goals over an 18 week period did not have any significant improvement over those students that did not set goals on the pacer and push up tests. Similarly, in another study looking at the effects of goal setting on Native elders found only a weak correlation between goal setting and improvement on the amount of steps taken in a day using a pedometer (Sawchuck 2011). The problem with this study was that the researchers set the goals for the participants. It may be more important that students set their own…
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