Goal Setting for Academic Success

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29 November 2010 Goal Setting for Academic Success Goals are like road maps; they get a person from one point to another. Goals provide the direction one needs to reach a destination. The best way to get results is to plan for the future, but live one day at a time. Think about the future; how does one define success? What makes one happy? What drives a person? What makes a person get out of bed in the morning? Does success mean family, money, security, helping others, improving the environment, solving problems, a career, or a degree? Whatever a student decides, the key to academic success is to strengthen one’s will to succeed and to do this one must set academic goals. The …show more content…
By conditioning, the student will be able to follow this map created as if life depends on it because in a way it does. This is the student’s future and they should take it very seriously (Carter et al. 100). Putting academic strategies into action is to achieve a desired goal. Prepare daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly; action plans are your set of directions to achieve academic goals. Things to remember to include in a plan of action is time management, which would include how much time is spent studying everyday; where the student will study, who the student will study with, and how the student will avoid distractions. Keeping assignments and important dates organized in a planner is very important. The student will then be able to refer to it on a daily. A student must also take into consideration negativity and how to avoid it, assuring that the short term goals are being met successfully. The student should be encouraged even if they don’t succeed at first to try again. The student may struggle at first deciding and committing to academic goals, but that doesn’t mean they can’t go back and revise academic plans. It’s important to note that in the beginning of the post secondary experience; academically the student should start out simple but be concise. If the student is undecided on a major but still has to find classes to take, conquering the general

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