Goal Statement

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Goldie Christine Hieneman Instructor, Adult Learning Center Masters of Science in Education Goal Statement My goal as an educator is to receive a Master of Science in Education with a Concentration in Inclusion Education. Even though I do not hold an undergraduate degree in Education, this is where my life path has taken me. Being an educator without an education degree has taught me how to help students learn by thinking outside the box. I currently have a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Communication. I am an Instructor. I am knowledgeable in areas of training using effective communication skills. I am able to explain to others the process and steps it takes to produce a positive outcome. I am entering my 9th year as a GED…show more content…
I am excited about learning many more tools from other online professors that will give me new and fresh ideas for my current students. I consider myself proficient in technology and I am not afraid to jump in feet first at things I am not familiar with. I know that it is “OK” to not be perfect or expert in everything and life should be a constant learning experience. No matter if we are enrolled in school or not, life teaches us new material every day. To me “being smart” is not answering every question correctly on Jeopardy, but rather having enough confidence in oneself that if you do not know the answer, you are resourceful enough to figure it out. After completing the Masters of Education program, I plan to continue my job and position here at the Adult Learning Center. I am confident that the materials this program offers are going to make a major impact within my classroom. This interdisciplinary approach will aid in the integration of contextualized instruction that is relevant to the individuals of the class. I feel that a Concentration in Inclusion Education is exactly what our program as an entity is based upon, and I am very surprised that the term “Inclusion Education” has never been introduced. Adult Education focuses mainly on Common Core Standards, lesson plans, and teaching practices. I, in addition to my fellow instructors, have often talked about how to overcome many learning obstacles our students possess. I am eager to learn how to incorporate
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