Goals And Goals Of Empire Hotel And Country Club Marketing Statement

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The overall goal of Empire Hotel and country club marketing strategies is to create better public attention over a comprehensive promotion that will result in the rise of visitation. We can compete with the other hotels because our hotel offering unique accommodations that would attract more visitors in addition to its well-known and prestige hotel in Brunei. Having 518 luxuriously guest rooms, luxuries beach resort facilities and restaurant is the best opportunities that we had in increasing the rates in occupancy by both residents and tourist. The marketing programs have the following goals and objectives:
• Increase the profits by 25% from leisure travellers on overnight visitation thus impacting the profit on annual
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The sultanate of Brunei is well-known for his Islamic architecture and rich with royal custom and tradition since 5th Century. By offering the visitors of 518 magnificent guests’ rooms and suites, in addition the private and isolated villas which have ocean and lagoon views, amazing garden views and the golf course views. All guests’ rooms hold standard throughout the hotels, with grand king sized bed with premium linens fabrics, marble bathrooms and other special amenities.
Some of the high profile visitors being stayed at the Empire Hotel occupied distinctive Emperor Suite, which provides VIP’s private elevator, private cinema and swimming pool, as well as conference room for official visitors. With the achievement, The Empire Hotel has won several high-status international awards, with their extraordinary of international restaurant, sport activities and spa, besides it is the perfect resort for the family both tourists and residents. This Empire hotel can be classified as all at once hotel.
Consequently, the competition in hotel industry nowadays is progressively intense as the pricing compress squeezing the profitability. To expand the profit of market share in this circumstances, we must aim specific market segments with varieties of planning to get survive in financial and keep the Empire hotel maintained in the top ranking.
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