Goals And Objectives Of Inmime. Com

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Goals and Objectives inmime.com is a partnership between Central Africa Machine Sales (Pty) Ltd and International Mining Machinery (WA) Pty. The main focus of the company is on buying, wrecking and selling mining machinery and components. For the company to continue to grow it needs to effectively provide customers with the ability to easily access information pertaining to the available machinery and components. Unfortunately, the existing web site lacks this functionality and this is having a negative impact on customer experience and company growth. The new site will need to enable customers to: • Easily access information about available machinery and components online • Quickly search the large selection of available machinery and…show more content…
Website Organization The new design will have five main landing pages: • Home Page • About • Catalogue • Gallery • Contact These five pages will be "hardwired" into the new design by HEM Consulting and links to them will appear in the horizontal menu bar at the top of the page (below the logo and other header content). Fee Summary Service Item Cost Create custom website • Original design elements • Content management system R 2,500.00 Write website content, optimize and insert images R 2,500.00 Set-up catalogue system R 1,500.00 Create catalogue catogories, items and descriptions (4 catagories, 40 items) R 6,000.00 Complete all SEO tasks associated with website design and development R 2,500.00 Training of company representative on the use of the catalogue system R 1,500.00 Onsite meetings to discuss website development and to conduct training (2 x site visits – 230 km round trip per visit @ R 2.90/km as per AA) R 1,334.00 (Please note that the fee for any additional site visits, or tasks not included in this breakdown, will be invoiced

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