Goals And Objectives Of Self Leadership

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Goals/Objectives Self-Leadership: Integrity I will obtain this characteristic and be able to overcome any issue that comes to me and stick to the values, to do and say what is right. I will establish my integrity by having my words meet my actions. I will form and create values and have no fear. I will be credible to my followers so they will have the confidence in myself as their leader (Maxwell, 1993). I will create a trust; that confidence will be formed by being a leader with high standards and accepting the higher level of responsibility. I display this by leading others to build themselves to grow to their fullest potential and coach them to have the courage to do the right thing at all times. I will display courage that inspires commitment and conviction of myself as an effective leader. Leading Others: Motivation As a maturing leader, I will get to know my followers and learn from each person what it will take to bring out their best within each. When I establish this quality this will allow the followers to apply themselves fully towards their work and the overall vision of the organization. Also, I will have an understanding of the individual’s learning styles and give my followers the resources and the guidance they will need to acquire their necessary skills (Maxwell, 1993). The motivation I will provide will inspire and meet the follower’s needs and actions towards excellence. I will inspire and influence followers to challenge their skills and increase their
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