Goals For College Research Paper

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Tom Landry once said, “Setting a goal is not the main thing. It is deciding how you will go about achieving it and staying with that plan.” I have always had goals and dream in my life since I was little. Then I learned every goal has a plan, a path you have to follow to achieve the goal. Same with my career path. A lifetime goal of mine is to be successful in life and have fun, to become one of the best neurosurgeon in the United States.
Education has big role in my goal. Four years of medical school, and three to ten years of training or residency. So many things I have to prepare for. To achieve my goal, I have to make choices in my life, educationally, and mentally. What will help me fulfill my goal? Picking the right college
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I chose this school to attend not only because they’re a great school, but because they will help me prepare for my career ahead of me. They teach communication skills, cpr, the basics about certain health diseases. protocol for emergency situations, and the careers in the subject I have chosen. My high school has a plan to achieve their goal. To make the kids at West Career and Technical Academy prepare to schive their goal. They are preparing us for the basics of college. The freshmen learn the basics of the subject their taking, the sophomores are more advanced, and in depth of the basics, the juniors learn more about people skills and what to do in emergency situations, and the seniors learn the basics of college, CPR, and much…show more content…
Not just educationally but to prepare me mentally for the big step ahead. To advance education in the medicine program, and to prepare me for the future. Push me to my boundary to become a successful person. Challenge me to become better than I am. Learn to work with a diverse of people and work successfully. to meet new friends, who accept my unique personality, who have the same goals and hobbies as me. The skills I learned in high school I will take to college, to perform the best I can . The sooner achieve my goal, the sooner I can begin a new one. I have many goals I want to achieve in my
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