Goals For High Schools Should Be Quite Simple Meaning

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Goals for high schools should be quite simple; meaning students should graduate confident in their abilities to go into the world and survive in today’s society. However, instead students spend their twelve years of education concentrating on subjects that do not teach them valuable skills they need to know in our current world. The “most important” fact I can remember from high school is y=mx+b and I have not used it once since graduating high school. Schools across America should start focusing on the fact that they are sending their students out into adulthood without properly teaching them skills that are required in the adult world. As a student who never really struggled in the current education system, I feel skills should be …show more content…

High schools today need to realize that the impact the faculty makes at schools impacts their life at home. This is why learning key skills to being healthy should be more prominent. The United States has an extreme obesity problems, which leads to nutritional deficiencies, diabetes, and heart disease. All these issues can be helped and sometimes solved by healthy eating and exercising. School systems spend thousands of dollars on making sure kids eat nutritional meals while they’re at school. This however, does no good in helping students to continue eating healthy once they go home if they’re not taught what is beneficial for their bodies at school. Many schools do not even teach basic cooking skills. Most people would agree that one necessity to life would be food and its pretty important to be able to cook it. Doing this will teach students how to cook something other than Ramen Noodles, and something much healthier. Exercise is something many in the United States have let take a back burner. Everyone should be getting an hour of physical activity a day, which does not occur as often as it should.
Students should also be required to learn how to take care of someone who cannot properly take full care of themselves. At some point in your life, most people will get in a circumstance where they must take care of a baby, parent, sibling, significant other, child, or friend who for some

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