Goals For Improvement Essay

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Desired Outcome or Goal for Improvement
There are many desired outcomes and goals for improvement. These include decreasing the obesity rates in adults. The community will receive regular checkups for preventive diseases. Also, during these checkups, education about obesity prevention and other disease risks associated with this. The goal for nutrition and weight status (obesity) to promote health and reduce chronic disease risks are through eating healthy diets and achieve and maintain a healthy body weight. Reducing the proportion of adults who are obese in Twin Falls by 10% by being more active and eating healthy diet by promoting and active ad healthy lifestyle. In five years the rate of obesity will be reduced by 10% improvement. Also
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My second intervention would be the Community Health nurses will collaborate with Family Health Services to advertise and inform the community members of the free fitness classes that are being offered on social media like Facebook and Instagram, as well as the local newspaper and the community board in Twin Falls. Potential Partnerships The potential partnerships are stated above. As a Community Health nurse, you need to be aware of the resource and partners that are available to be able maximize the ability of our citizens to have access to this important information. The private partnerships are the independent doctors and cardiologist that you can see to keep you healthy and screened at yearly checkups. The Public partners is the St Luke’s hospital, the federally governed Family Health Services, and the Wellness Clinic Center. Partnerships are built with these resources to help fund and promote obesity prevention in the Twin Falls community.
Timeline for Interventions The time line for my interventions were mentioned above. They would start immediately on both.
Effectiveness of Nursing Action Plan/Measurable Tools The effectiveness of my nurse action plan would be the evaluation of conducting phone surveys on the phone to the population that
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