Goals For Kayla

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Goal 1: Kayla will improve her emotional and behavioral regulation.

• Kayla was playing with her toys when the QP arrived for the visit and her foster mother was preparing dinner.
• Kayla’s mother shared “out of nowhere while riding in the car Kayla said, I love you because you are white then proceed to say she did not like being black.”
• Kayla’s foster stated she did not know how to address the race issues, but she told Kayla “I love you just because.”
• Kayla acknowledged that she has heard her from say he does not like being black and Kayla’s foster mother confirmed her brother does say that often.
• Kayla commented the difference between the home are what goes on and Kayla has witness domestic violence at her “black home” whereas her “white foster home” is more stable.
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• Kayla listened as the QP shared she is moving to Lesson 1.
• Kayla appeared attentive while the QP shared the goals in lesson 1 are to notice and compliment the good, ignore annoying behavior, resist finding fault, and use instant stress busters to self soothe.
• Kayla reflected on how reinforcing compliments should be given.
• Kayla focused on the compliment the QP gave which was “I like how you remembered to look across the road before crossing and that keeps you safe then the QP gave Kayla a pat on the back.”
• Kayla commented she is for her brother, foster parents, her biological mother and her mother’s boyfriend.
• Kayla demonstrated how she can write an X or check mark when she blames others or being hard on her brother.
• Kayla acknowledged she calls her brother names to tease him, if her toys breaks she wants to blame her brother, and if she does not get praise she blames her brother for not getting praised.
• Kayla made slight progress with improving her social functioning, as indicated by Kayla learning to she should be nice to others and compliment them on the good things and not focused on negative or blaming
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