Goals For Obama Care

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Last year 11 million people signed up for Health Insurance through Obama Care. This affordable care act is supposed to be helping the middle and low classes of America, when in reality its just making things worse. Because of Obama Care, Americans are finding themselves being forced to change their health coverage or even their long term doctors. More and more each day, more doctors are starting to refuse Medicaid and Medicare payments. Which makes things more difficult for a majority of Americans that have Medicaid or Medicare. On the other side of the ring, there are many critics who believe that Americans not only have better access tot that care but that Obama Care is actually succeeding. Obama Care's two major goals were to fix coverage and cost. Even though Obama Care's succession is growing slowly, some critics believe it will be worth the wait. Obama Care has been keeping healthcare providers motivated by their various tools. Health care providers will receive financial rewards cutting cost for good health treatment. But they will also receive serious penalties for bad care. To say Obama Care's success is proceeding slowly is true, but in given time it will grow stronger and more effective in time. According to 46 year old cancer survivor Sandy Castillo, Obama Care has been quite confusing for herself and many around her. Many people feel confused or even unsure about Obama Care,…show more content…
Many states do not opt-in to this system, leaving millions of Americans without access to affordable healthcare. If there is to be reform in healthcare, then the government needs to mandate it in every state or allow Americans to obtain affordable healthcare outside their own state. It does not seem fair to penalize citizens without care simply because they cannot afford it. Until that can be done, or at least some alternative, Americans should not have to pay for not having
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