Goals In College

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My names Mantrease Robertson II and I am a student at the university of Toledo. I was born on January 21. 1998 and grew up in Cleveland, Ohio. I am African American also I am the third oldest out of four kids. I graduated from Euclid high school. In high school I played basketball and football. I have many goals in life and in college and that I look forward to accomplishing. Some of those goals that I look forward to accomplishing in college are one finishing the semester with passing grades. I know I can accomplish this goal easily but it’s going to take a lot of work and commitment. The little time that I’ve been here already at school I see that college is different than high school. In high school the work was easier and the teacher would help you more one on one so that you would learn it more. But in college is not that much help. Most of the classes are bigger then high school classes. Also, the teachers don’t help the students one on one like the teachers in high school. The class have way more people in there in then high school. So, it’s taking me a little time to adjust to college school life. I’m going to…show more content…
In the past I had problems with doing my work on time or even know about it. In college, it’s even more challenging because if I don’t check black board every day or even forgetting to one day could put me behind on my work which could mess with my grades. In high school and even when I was younger I wasn’t always given a plainer to stay on top of my work but I never used them so I had to try and memorized everything that I had to do. But now that I’m in college its hard trying to remember everything so I finally started to use a plainer and its really helping me out. So, this one goal is going to help more with my other two goals because this one goal will help me keep my grades up and help me make my mind up on what I want to do with my major
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