Goals, Objectives, And Activities. The Goal Of This Proposal

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Goals, Objectives, and Activities The goal of this proposal is to begin purposefully and meaningfully integrating technology into the curriculum at WFLS. In order to accomplish that, the school administration needs to adopt the previously mentioned technology vision. This will offer guidance to all technology integration in the classroom and school. Once a vision has been adopted, the technology team will form and begin providing professional development for teachers. The technology team will begin providing the professional development right away for teachers and will continue on progressing to the goal of one, on-going professional educational technology development each semester. The technology team will also provide support for…show more content…
The technology team will continuously assess and evaluate the school’s technology needs, and make recommendations based on that. As devices are added and more are used in the classroom, the network infrastructure of the classrooms must improve. First of all, it needs to exist, and subsequently there needs to be certainty regarding its ability to handle all of the traffic efficiently. To set up this network, the IT professionals, who already have made and maintain the office network, will expand that network to the classrooms. This will take additional money from the budget. However, it will not require much as wireless Wi-Fi Internet access is a cheap, effective technology to accomplish this requirement. The IT professionals will have to begin creating and testing the network now so that by next school year it will be ready for BYOD. If these needs are met: an educational technology vision, teacher professional development and training, infrastructure, and hardware thenceforth students will begin to be fully prepared for their futures by WFLS. King-Sears and Evmenova (2007) further explained the benefits of educational technology as it can “increase the efficiency of the educational process” (p. 6), “promote learning for students with and without disabilities” (p. 6), and “efficiently and effectively communicate to and with students who have diverse learning needs” (p. 6). There are numerous benefits of integrating technology
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