Goals Of Counsellor And Psychotherapy

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1. Introduction
Counselling is the use of relationships to help develop self-knowledge, emotional growth and personal resources (Corney & Jenkins, 1993). Psychotherapy is a professional relationship between therapist and patient where a broad variety of mental illnesses and emotional difficulties can be treated (American Psychiatric Association, 2009). In this paper the aims, goals, purpose and focus of both counselling and psychotherapy will be discussed. The role of the counsellor and therapist will also be discussed along with the role of the counsellor and therapist in a South African context.

2. Counselling
2.1 Definition of counselling
Counselling defined by Mcleod claims that counselling is a principled relationship characterized
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The goals of counselling are to give the client the tools to overcome the immediate and future problems, making the client a fully functioning person. To do so the counsellor needs to find and understand and unravel the client’s unique perception of his/her own perspective (Cormier & hackney,2012). This is happening by exploring the client’s life concerns and issues. The goals are split between process goals and long-range goals. Process goals is where rapport is built with the essential conditions to reach it and the potency of the counselling is enhanced. Long-range goals are where the counsellor helps the client to achieve positive mental health, which is to think and look for the positives in…show more content…
Counselling based on a conversation, it’s a where people may interact and exchange possibilities for a greater action. The purpose is to find the right setting to allow the client to open up and take the first steps in immediate and long range
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