Goals Of The Team And The Goal Of A Team

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Goals of a team: A team is a group of people who come together to achieve a goal or complete a particular task. Most teams share the same vision, mission, goals, values and trust. The team members must first understand the vision of the company and the team goals must be aligned with the organisational goals. The team members share a common purpose and are committed to the attainment of those goals. The team members work together to produce an outcome that represents their joint contributions and they share the responsibility for such outcomes. Once the goals are set by the organisation the teams are given the freedom and flexibility to do the job without the interference of the management. These teams are autonomous and self – managed.…show more content…
The talented employees in the organisation must be retained and developed as a high performing workforce. Managing talent should be used as a business strategy to attract and retain an active workforce. Very few organisations are able to manage their employee’s talent well. Companies can very well make a replica of a product or copy a service idea or lower prices and compete, but replicating Talent is not possible and is therefore considered to be a scarce resource. Therefore, organisations should build the ability to hire, retain, and develop talent at all levels in the organisation. The process of managing talent involves all aspects of an employee’s life cycle. Selection, development, succession, and performance management. In order to build effective teams and to retain the talent within the organisation, the managers must empower the team members to set the goals, develop plans and make decisions. The manager must ensure that the team members participate in selecting, evaluating, and rewarding the members. The leader of the team is focussed on developing the team structure and process, and the team is responsible for the monitoring process and group
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