Goals Of Woodrow Wilson

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From the humblest beginnings, Woodrow Wilson was born on December 28, 1856 in Staunton, Virginia. Woodrow Wilson from a young age was an efficient and diligent worker. Woodrow Wilson overcame dyslexia by constantly trying to obtain academic excellence. He first started his prestigious education in Davidson College than went on to study law in Princeton University. After moving on from Princeton, Woodrow Wilson received his doctorate in political science in John Hopkins University. He than became the President of Princeton University in 1902. His reputation of prestigious academics and leadership allowed him to gain notoriety amongst other intellectuals. Woodrow Wilson than was elected the governor of New Jersey starting from 1911.As the Governor of New Jersey he quickly became a social reformer and a man of the people. Now Woodrow Wilson wants to spread his reform to the entire country with his platform of New Freedom. Woodrow Wilson’s goals for the future are progressive and impactful. He does not want create burdens for the people like the Republicans did. Instead he will work to fix problems as a united nation.
Woodrow Wilson will work towards lower taxes on goods, and let people thrive with their hard earned money. Woodrow Wilson believes tariffs are meant to help the government help the people. Republican tariff reforms simply are detrimental to the American people especially farmers. With the McKinley Tariff, taxes were increased on industrialized goods. This
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